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Catch the Wave: Top 10 Must-Visit Surf Spots in Brazil

Top10 surf spots
Top10 surf spots
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Introduction: Brazil’s allure isn’t just its vibrant culture or its iconic festivities – this tropical paradise holds some of the world’s most incredible surf spots. With a sprawling coastline that stretches for thousands of kilometers, Brazil offers diverse surfing locations. From the clear, warm waters of Fernando de Noronha to the consistent waves in the surfing capital, Saquarema, there’s an endless thrill for every surfer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for a challenging barrel or a beginner wanting friendly swells, here’s an ultimate guide to Brazil’s top 10 surf destinations, covering everything you need to know for the perfect surf trip.

Saquarem, Itauna Beach, Rio de Janeiro
Saquarem, Itauna Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Fernando de Noronha:

    • History & Location: An UNESCO World Heritage site, Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago located off the northeastern coast of Brazil. Known for its untouched beauty, it’s a haven for wildlife above and below the water.
    • The Surf: The waves range from fun-sized to overhead, with the famous Brazilian Pipeline, Cacimba do Padre, offering tubes for experienced surfers.
    • Best Times & Conditions: Visit between December and March when the swell is up, and conditions are optimal.
    • Travel & Costs: Being an exclusive destination, prices are higher than on the mainland. Flights are available from major cities like São Paulo and Rio. Accommodation spans from luxury resorts to more affordable pousadas. There’s an environmental preservation fee for tourists, varying based on the length of stay.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Enjoy spectacular snorkeling, rich marine life, and hiking trails. Respect local environmental guidelines to preserve its beauty.

Saquarema (Itaúna Beach):

    • History & Location: In the state of Rio de Janeiro, Saquarema is renowned for its religious significance and surfing history, hosting international championships.
    • The Surf: Itaúna Beach presents reliable waves that accommodate all levels, often reaching 8-10 feet. The breaks offer both left and right-hand waves.
    • Best Times & Conditions: April to October provides the best surfing conditions, with south swells and offshore winds.
    • Travel & Costs: Accessible by bus or car from Rio, options range from beachfront hotels to budget hostels. Daily expenses are reasonable, catering to all budgets.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Besides surfing, there’s the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Nazareth and local gastronomy to explore. Always heed lifeguard warnings as currents can be strong.
Itamambuca Beach Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brasilien
Itamambuca Beach Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brasilien

Ubatuba, São Paulo (Itamambuca Beach):

    • History & Location: Ubatuba, with its indigenous history, is a treasure trove of over 100 beaches in São Paulo state.
    • The Surf: Itamambuca Beach is a renowned surf spot, hosting competitions with its consistent, powerful waves ranging from 3 to 12 feet, suitable for all levels.
    • Best Times & Conditions: April to December, with southeast swells, is ideal. Water temperatures are warm, peaking in summer months.
    • Travel & Costs: Accessible by bus or car from São Paulo city, it offers various lodging options, from camping to hotels. Consider a bug repellent for the region’s notorious ‘Borrachudos’ (black flies).
    • Extras & Recommendations: Discover local craft shops, hiking trails, and kayak tours through the rainforest. Respect the ecological surroundings, keeping it clean and preserved.

Florianópolis (Praia Mole and Joaquina Beach):

    • History & Location: Florianópolis is a dynamic island city in Santa Catarina state, known for its diverse communities and multiple beaches.
    • The Surf: Praia Mole offers powerful waves up to 10 feet, attracting an energetic, young crowd. Joaquina is famous for its international surf contests and sand-bottom breaks, ideal for various skill levels.
    • Best Times & Conditions: March to November sees consistent swells, with colder water temperatures requiring a wetsuit in winter.
    • Travel & Costs: Regular flights to the local airport make it easily accessible, and accommodation suits all budgets. Car rentals are recommended for exploring distant beaches.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Experience the local nightclubs, sandboarding on the dunes, and exquisite seafood cuisine. Beware of riptides and always surf within your capability.

Rio de Janeiro (Arpoador and Prainha):

    • History & Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s postcard city, combines urban charm with natural beauty. Arpoador, located between Copacabana and Ipanema, and Prainha, a secluded spot south of the city, are surfer’s delights.
    • The Surf: Arpoador is best for experienced surfers with its rock-bottom point break offering powerful, hollow waves. Prainha offers consistent barrels with waves often exceeding 10 feet, suited for advanced surfers.
    • Best Times & Conditions: The winter months (April to September) provide the biggest swells. The water temperature can drop, so a wetsuit might be comfortable.
    • Travel & Costs: Rio is internationally accessible. While the city can be pricey, budget options are available. Public transport to the beaches is efficient, but a rental car for Prainha ensures flexibility.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Explore Rio’s iconic landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and culinary scene. Beware of local safety advice, especially for secluded areas.
Imbituba, Praia do Rosa, Brazil
Imbituba, Praia do Rosa, Brazil

Guarda do Embaú, Santa Catarina:

    • History & Location: A charming village, Guarda do Embaú is known for its quaint beauty and the river you must cross to reach the sea.
    • The Surf: Ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers, it offers a right-hand point break with waves averaging 3-8 feet.
    • Best Times & Conditions: The winter months, particularly June to September, bring the best swells. Water is colder, so pack a wetsuit.
    • Travel & Costs: A drive or bus ride from Florianópolis, accommodation ranges from simple inns to comfortable rentals. Overall, costs are moderate.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Enjoy paddle-boarding, local food, and live music in the village. Always respect the currents of the river-crossing, and consider a local guide for safety.

Imbituba (Praia do Rosa):

    • History & Location: Once a whale-hunting region, Imbituba, particularly Praia do Rosa, is now a conservation area and a spectacular surfing location.
    • The Surf: Waves range from 4-10 feet, suitable for different skill levels, with powerful swells for thrilling rides.
    • Best Times & Conditions: Visit between May and November for prime surfing. Winter requires a wetsuit due to cooler water temperatures.
    • Travel & Costs: Accessible from Florianópolis by bus or car, you’ll find diverse lodging from eco-resorts to budget stays. The area maintains a balance between rustic charm and modern convenience.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Explore whale watching, hiking, and local boutiques. The region is environmentally protected, so adhere to local sustainability efforts.

Maresias, São Paulo:

    • History & Location: Home of Brazilian surfing legends, Maresias is a blend of sophisticated lifestyle and high-energy surf culture.
    • The Surf: Known for its heavy, tubular waves ranging from 5-12 feet, it’s mainly for experienced surfers.
    • Best Times & Conditions: Peak swell occurs from March to December. The water is warmer, peaking in the summer months.
    • Travel & Costs: A couple of hours’ drive from São Paulo, it’s a high-end destination, but off-peak seasons offer reasonable prices. Accommodations cater to luxury travelers and backpackers alike.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Savor the pulsating nightlife and refined restaurants. The powerful rip currents require cautious navigation, and local guidance is advisable.

Olivença, Bahia (Batuba Beach):

    • History & Location: Olivença embraces its rich indigenous heritage, with Batuba Beach standing out for its surfing.
    • The Surf: The spot has consistent waves suitable for all skill levels, peaking at around 6 feet.
    • Best Times & Conditions: Surfing is good year-round with warm water, especially from June to August.
    • Travel & Costs: Regular buses from Ilhéus city make it accessible, and accommodation is pocket-friendly, offering a genuine local experience.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Enjoy cultural festivities, explore the biological reserve, and taste traditional cuisine. As it’s a quieter destination, respecting local customs and community is appreciated.

Itacaré, Bahia:

    • History & Location: A former cocoa-producing region turned tourist haven, Itacaré offers a mix of Atlantic rainforest and stunning coastlines.
    • The Surf: Multiple breaks provide variety, with waves for beginners and pro-level surfers, averaging 3-6 feet.
    • Best Times & Conditions: The dry season, June to August, brings consistent swells. Water temperatures are tropical year-round.
    • Travel & Costs: Buses from Salvador or Ilhéus are available, and lodging spans from luxury resorts to homestays. It’s moderately priced but can spike during festivals.
    • Extras & Recommendations: Engage in capoeira, river rafting, and cocoa farm tours. Watch out for crowded waves during peak seasons and respect local surf etiquette.


Brazil’s surf spots aren’t just about the exhilarating waves; they’re about the experiences that surround them. From the enchanting culture and tantalizing flavors to the captivating scenery and welcoming locals, each location offers more than surf. While embracing these wonders, it’s essential to respect the ocean, local communities, and environmental guidelines. Ensure personal safety by staying informed about weather conditions, and don’t hesitate to seek guidance from local surfers or schools. With this, you’re set to dive into the Brazilian surf adventure of a lifetime, riding its magnificent waves towards unforgettable memories.

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