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Carnaval do Brazil, the brazilian carnival the greatest party in the world

the brazilian carnival
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Let’s be honest, when you think of Brazil, the thought of the Brazilian Carnival is not far. Carnival is celebrated all over Brazil. Carnaval belongs to Brazil like Pelé to football.

Strangely enough, I was already touring the country a few years before I first considered doing the “Carnaval do Brasil” the honor. There is a lot of dancing at this festival, people have fun, drink and have fun. Many music bands play their best songs and you can experience the different styles of music and dance in Brazil. People flirt, laugh and forget the worries of everyday life for a moment.

The Brazilian Carnaval is unique in the world and is staged and celebrated differently in the regions of Brazil.

Axé, Samba, Pagoda ……
Outside the carnival season, you can also visit the ensaios, the public rehearsals of the blocos or samba schools, and experience them live. The Blocos are music bands that offer concerts all year round in Salvador and thus prepare for the carnival. Those who want to experience the whole thing with less commotion are in very good hands with the Ensaios. As an example, I can recommend the Ensaio des Oludum, which takes place in Salvador on Pelourinho. Oludum is an Afro band that is very well known in Brazil.

In Rio it is the Ensaios of the Samba Schools (escolas de Samba) that are worth a visit and usually begin with the first rehearsals from September. In addition, one can also mention that carnival-like festivals are celebrated throughout Brazil throughout the year outside of the regular time.

Great and well-known Brazilian artists dedicate their music to the Carneval. Gilberto Gil, Ivete Sangalo, Claudia Leite, Carlinhos Brown, Leo Santana, Chiclete com Banana have regular appearances at the Carneval in Salvador, the largest street festival in the world.

Information on current and upcoming Carnaval festivals, tickets and prices is best found on websites such as,,

During a Carnaval visit you can get to know an integral part of Brazilian culture and have fun at the same time. You can get to know the most diverse styles of Brazilian music, dance and party. We were personally present at the Carnaval de Salvador and accompanied the Trio eletricos in Bloccos and also enjoyed the festival in a Camarote. For myself, the experience at the Camarote was awesome and would do it again at any time. Since the Carnaval always takes place around February and a visit is very popular, it is worthwhile to start looking for tickets and accommodation early on. As always, the prices rise sharply during such events in Brazil.

Although the Carnavals are well secured by security personnel, one should also exercise a certain amount of caution and attention and find out about the local do’s and don’ts.

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