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Today’s world of travel booking platforms is enormous. When looking for a suitable flight, accommodation or activity, you sometimes no longer see the world full of trees. Every platform offers advantages and the well-known platforms such as, airbnb or are already established sizes. However, new resourceful startups always manage to attract attention by opening up new niches and going with the wheel of time. the crypto-friendly travel booking platform with its own token

was founded in 2017 as a startup and is particularly characterized by the acceptance of crypto currencies as a common means of payment and other advantages. But more on this in the following part


Travala currently offers around 2.2 million accommodations in 90,124 destinations and 230 countries with prices that are up to 40% cheaper.

Accommodation in megacities such as Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo or Salvador as well as in holiday paradises such as Fernando de Noronha, Morro de Sao Paulo or Ilha Grande can be searched for and booked conveniently and easily. The simple navigation also allows the convenient booking of flights and activities. Another big advantage is that the platform is completely free of advertising and therefore free of distracting disturbance flows.

Above all, I was positively surprised by the range of activities, as this is often neglected on other booking platforms.

During a visit to Salvador, for example, I can definitely recommend the Schooner Trip Only Ilha dos Frades, Leaving Salvador-Bahia, which on the one hand brings the surroundings of Salvador closer and makes this day trip an unforgettable experience with an inexpensive offer. 

In this regard, I have already written a separate blog post under the following link. Boat trip Salvador-Ilha dos Frades-Itaparica

Popular payment methods and wide acceptance of cryptocurrency for the payment of bookings.

In addition to the common payment options such as credit and debit cards, swipe, stripe and others, Travala also offers payment via crypto currencies. Currently around 73 crypto currencies are accepted, including BTC, ETH, ADA, BUSD, VET and many more …

Travala also has its own token, the AVA token, which is based on the Binance blockchain and offers other advantages when booking via AVA. 

All bookings made via AVA receive a 3% discount on the total booking price and an additional 2% giveback in the form of AVA. Travala also has well-known partnerships with other booking platforms such as and Expedia.

Another advantage is the invite program which, by sending an invitation link to friends, rewards both sender and recipient with AVA tokens worth $ 25 when booking more than $ 200. The AVA token is currently worth around $ 2.86.

But this is only the beginning. The smart program is another tool for booking discounted trips. It is based on different smart levels with up to 5% direct discount on all specified prices with an additional up to 5% smart loyalty when the booking is completed. In addition, up to 8.04% loyalty bonus of the blocked amount of AVAs per year is possible. Put simply, this means the more you book on Travala, the higher you slide up in the Smartlevel and the more you benefit from further bookings.


The best price guarantee also differs from the other booking platforms. Travala adjusts the price for an offer if you find a cheaper price offer after booking on another platform for the same. You can request a refund of the price difference from Travala up to 24 hours before the arrival or the activity.

With other providers, it is usually only possible to request a credit within 24 hours of booking. This makes Travala stand out from other providers.

The advantages at a glance

  • Easily navigate and book flights, accommodations and activities
  • A wide range of activities can be booked
    Up to 40% cheaper prices
  • Partnerships with Booking and Expedia
  • 2.2 million accommodations in 230 countries
  • Range of payment options
  • Payment using cryptocurrencies (73)
  • Own AVA Token
  • Broad Rewardprogram with
    • 3% Discount and 2% Giveback on bookings
    • Inviteprogram
    • Smartprogramm
  • Best price guarantee with difference adjustment up to 24 hours before the start of an event or travel

All in all is a booking platform which moves with the times and can sweeten one or the other trip through interesting bonus and discount systems. In addition to partnerships with major players in the travel industry such as Booking and Expedia, a very large range of offers is available that are worth visiting on the booking platform.

Let us know your experiences and feedback about in the comments.

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