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Taxi the best transportation besides the car in Brazil?

Taxi Rio
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Here in Europe, people are mostly used to the fact that in cities or also the connections from important cities and places are realized through sophisticated public transport options. In Brazil, access to rail traffic is very poor or even non-existent. In some larger cities like Sao Paulo and Rio, you can use the metro in addition to the bus and car.

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In cities like Salvador, however, the construction of the metro is becoming an everlasting challenge, the creation of which took more than 10 years. But what does this have to do with taxis? Due to the lack of alternatives, the importance of taxis increases enormously. You meet them everywhere and signal a moving, empty taxi with an outstretched arm that you want to use the taxi service. The cheapest is the normal white taxis (yellow in Rio). At the end of the journey, the chauffeur calculates using a price table.
On weekdays the taximeter is set to Bandera 1. The Bandera 2 is used on weekends, public holidays, and at night from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., which is much more expensive.

When driving out of the city center, there are defined zones which the taxi driver can switch to Bandera 2 during the day when they are exceeded. Timing and associated tariffs vary from state to state. In general, I would like to add that it is best to find out about the approximate price or even agree on a fixed price before starting the journey. They are available in front of the airport and can be booked at a stand (bilheteria) at a fixed price. Most of the time they are a bit more expensive.

Moto Taxi

Motorbike taxis offer their services in every city. Compared to the car taxis, they are a lot cheaper. Sometimes they are the only solution that emerges. However, one should always consider the safety factor in road traffic. Sitting on the back of a motorcyclist and getting to a destination in hectic traffic can be dangerous.

By and large, taxis are a very good alternative to getting around Brazil and sometimes the only way to get to a place. Although they are more expensive than city buses, they are often worth using.

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