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Large brazilian companies

large brazilian companies
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Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, Nike, Nestle, Danone, Procter and Gamble, and all the hundreds of big companies are known all over the world and everyone has heard their name. But what about Brazil?

What are the large brazilian companies?

Are the big players in Brazil multinationals that are also successful in Brazil or are the companies that were founded in this country and built up to be a successful economic engine?

In this article, let’s take a look at the Brazilian entrepreneurial world to find out which are the economic engines that have a name in business outside of Brazil. 

Let’s take a look at the leading stock index BOVESPA in Brazil

The index is a performance index from the Single Indexes family and is traded on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. The share index represents the development of selected share prices as a key figure.

Looking at the listed stocks of BOVESPA from the website tradingeconomics.com there are about 137 companies. 

If you go one step further and want to see the 20 largest companies based on market capitalization (01.04.2022, source: Companies Marketcap) then you get the following list:

Company Name Market Cap Industry
Mining: Is the largest iron ore and nickel producer in the world. Other products are manganese, ferroalloys, copper, bauxite, potash, kaolin, cobalt. Known also in 2019 Known from the media in connection with the dam disaster in Brumadinho.Currently the most valuable company in Brazil. In 2017, one of the largest oil companies in the world and a leader in offshore production. Through Petrobras, Brazil is self-sufficient except for the import of light oil.
Oil & Gas, Energy: operates oil fields, refineries, petrochemical plants and service station networks. Petrobras made negative headlines due to the sinking of the world's largest platform in 2015 and the related environmental pollution, and in 2014 in connection with Operation Lava Jato, which involved corruption.
Banco Santander Brasil
Banks, Financial services: Subsidiary of the Spanish universal bank Banco Santander S.A. Through numerous mergers and acquisitions, Spain's largest bank. As one of the 30 major banks, it is classified as a systemically important financial institution. Core areas are retail, asset management and private banking. The bank has over 187,000 employees worldwide.
Itau Unibanco
$ 57.21 B
Banks, Financial services: Itaú Unibanco offers bank accounts, internet banking, insurance, credits, loans and similar financial services to its clients. Itaú Unibanco bought several companies, such as Financeira Fininvest, Hipercard, Luizacred, PontoCred, Banco Dibens and Unicard.
Beverages, Alcoholic beverages: Subsidiary of Anheuser-Buch Inbev and largest beverage producer in Latin America. Owns the distribution rights for Pepsico's brands in Brazil and is the market leader in the distribution of Guarana
Banco Bradesco
Banks, Financial Services: Largest private bank in Brazil and 4 largest bank in the country. Offers internet banking, insurance, credit card services, loans and other financial services. Has a floating bank branch to reach remote regions.
Nu Holdings
Banks, Financials Services: Was founded in 2013. Venture capital providers are Founders Found, Sequoia Capital and Goldman Sachs. It offers an international Mastercard credit card with no fees that is fully managed via a mobile app. Additionally, personal loans are offered.
Manufacturing, Electrical Equipment and Components: Founded in Brazil in 1961, WEG is today one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in the world. Today, in addition to electric motors and complete electrical systems for industry, it also offers products for industrial automation. WEG offers a portfolio of over 1200 product lines. 36,000 employees with subsidiaries in 38 countries and production sites in 12 countries.
BTG Pactual
Financial Services: Primarily investment banking but also corporate lending, brokerage and clearing services, asset management, wealth management, commercial and consumer banking services, merchant banking and real estate investment. Has various subsidiary companies at home and abroad. Pactual also provides insurance services. 2532 employees.
Electricity, Electric utility
Banco do Brasil
$ 21.62 B
Banks, Financial Services: 95000 employees and 4000 branches. Since 1986, the function as central bank has been handed over to the Central Bank of Brazil.
Rede D'Or Sao Luiz
Healthcare, Medical Care Facilities
Stock exchanges, Financial Services, Stock/Crypto exchanges: Number 13 of the largest stock exchanges in the world. Founded in 1890 and domiciled in Sao Paulo Known index IBOVESPA. Electronic exchange since 1997. Since 2000 equipped with new market and level 2 and 1 segmentations.
conglomerate holding company, Financial services, real estates, indudstries. 126'000 employees.
Telefonica Brasil
Telecommunication: Subsidiary of the Spanish Telefonica. Known brand are Vivo, Moviestar and O2.
Healthcare: Main activities of the Company and its subsidiaries are to cover the medical, hospital and dental care costs of its employees, to provide medical, hospital and dental services, and to perform examinations and diagnoses by image. has various healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics or diagnostic imaging units. The company operates in the Northeast of Brazil, in more than 10 states such as Alagoas, Amazonas, Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe and others.
Food: Production of beef as well as frozen products and supply them for industrial processing to food retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. The product portfolio also includes poultry products, dairy products, leather articles, hygiene products, pet food, canned food and much more. 400 production sites worldwide and 250,000 employees
XP Inc.
Financial Services
Pulp and Paper: Integrated producer of paper and eucalyptus pulp. The company produces eucalyptus hardwood pulp, coated and uncoated paper, board and tissue paper, and electricity. Commercial operation of eucalyptus forests, including planted forests, operation of port terminals, a hydroelectric power plant, and holding interests as a partner or shareholder in other businesses or projects. Worldwide operations with 37,000 employees
Centrais Electricas Brasileiras
Utilities, Electricity, Energy

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